Read this before you need to call 911:

The La Cueva Fire and Rescue District comprises all communities north of Soda Dam along SR 4 beyond the Valles Caldera to Cochiti Mesa, and along SR 126 from La Cueva to beyond Seven Springs. This includes Areas 1, 2 and 3, Hummingbird Music Camp, Camp Shaver, all La Cueva subdivisions, Thompson Ridge, Sierra los Pinos and Seven Springs.

If you are in the La Cueva District and call 911 to request Emergency Medical Services, remind them that you are not in Jemez Springs district even though you are calling from a Jemez Springs phone exchange.  The Jemez Springs responders are responsible for the Village of Jemez Springs only.

The Sandoval County dispatchers receive information from the enhanced 911 system that tells them the address of the caller, but in our area we all have Jemez Springs addresses.  Until the county gets a Geographic Information System to supplement the 911 system it is important to know what emergency response district you live in.

We want to give you the best response time we can and one way you can help ensure that is to request that the dispatcher page out the correct district.