La Cueva Fire District

Way off the Road, in the Jemez Mountains

Some of our rescue and fire calls take us onto back roads and rough trails.

We don't need to get too far off the road to run into elk. Note Station 1 in the mist in the background. Some of our rescues involve interactions between elk and vehicles.

Jemez Falls is one of our major attractions. There is also a camping area there. The Highway Fire was near the camping area.
Two views of Jemez Falls:

Forest Road 376 runs from San Antonio Springs to Cañon, crossing State Road 126, and going through a whole bunch of scenery. Here is a very scenic accident scene on 376 south of 126.

On the trail to McCauley Springs. We walked down from Jemez Falls parking area, picked up a patient with a broken ankle, and wheeled him down to Battleship Rock parking. We started at 6:00 p.m. and ended in the pitch dark at 11:00 p.m.

McCauley Springs has 3 beautiful pools to sit in. This is the lowest. The water is warm, not hot. It is normally an hour walk to any parking lot.

This is the middle pool.

The Valles Caldera used to be "The Baca Ranch." This old ranch house and barn were used as the set for the film "The Missing."

The Lakes Fire failed to obey the signs.

Some of us just love to fight fire.

Well, all of us actually love to fight fire. This is another picture from the Highway Fire near Jemez Falls Camping Area.

We coordinate with Los Alamos Fire Department on vertical rope rescues, but this one was pretty simple.

Most of Trail 137 runs between the East Fork Trailhead and the Los Conchas Trailhead. It is the most beautiful trail in the area, following the Jemez River through meadows and steep canyons.

Here is a large group hauling a patient out of a steep canyon on Jemez River to Trail 137. Our off-road Rescue 5-2 happily made it through the forest road/trails to the top of this climb!

Once a year, LCVFD stands by at the Kid's Fishing Day event at Seven Springs Fish Hatchery